Rate of Healing Process

Each of us is in a unique state of health, with a particular energy level. Therefore the rate of healing will depend on the initial condition, the nature & age of the illness or injury, how deeply the disease is rooted, & the commitment to the healing process.
The most successful & complete experience for rapid growth & healing occurs when Shiatsu and Cathar Yoga are practiced together on a regular basis.
Cathar Yoga is an active experience that is to be practiced on one's own.

PROGRAMS (A personalized program will be designed for each individual)
-One full day of private treatment can include:
-Hara diagnosis & treatment
-Shiatsu (Expect 3+ hoursr)
-Cathar Yoga session (2hr minimum)
-Spiritual & philosophical counseling

Fees are calculated according to the state of the disease & traumas (time & depth).
Be prepared for a commitment both financial & time-wise.
4-6 Ma Rollers may be required purchase for Cathar Yoga classes. Call for information regarding where to purchase.
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NOTE: Some insurance will reimburse "alternative medicine" under acupressure, shiatsu, or possibly physical therapy; however the client is responsible for processing all claims with their insurance companies. A non-refundable deposit is required before the scheduled appointement. All no-shows or cancellations will forfeit their deposit.