Nights Transfigured Album Now Available New Lullaby Album Now Available Drifting Album Now Available New Lullaby is a beautiful, perceptive, and evocative performance that earns and deserves your rapt appreciation. Most of all, however, it felt to me like a courageous exploration of a mood or a state that is rarely identified, and these days all-too rarely enjoyed: attentive peacefulness.
– Glenn Kurtz, author of Practicing, A Musician's Return To Music

"Mom, this is the music I want to fall asleep to for the rest of my life." – 5 year old fan

"This is not some godawful Classics-for-Baby CD" – Fanfare

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Score Anthologies, Volumes 1 & 2

Nights Transfigured Hushed - Anthology

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The Composers & guitarist

Aaron Larget-Caplan NEW LULLABY
Lynn Job Jonathan Feist Francine Trester
Aaron Larget-Caplan
guitar & founder
  Lynn Job
The Sixth Night
Jonathan Feist
No Time & Leaky Roof
Francine Trester
My Darling's Slumber
Kevin Siegfried
Mark Small Scott Wheeler Eric Schwartz Ryan Vigil
Kevin Siegfried
Cradle Song
Mark Small
Descent to a Dream
Scott Wheeler
Eric Schwartz
Song Softly Song, in Trying Times
Ryan Vigil
Nolan Stolz Carson Cooman John McDonald David Vayo David Leisner
Nolan Stolz
Lullaby for Sam
Carson Cooman
Unfolding the Gates of Dawn
John McDonald
You are alone to Sleep
David Vayo
David Leisner
Disturbed a Lullaby
The Legend of Hagoromo

October 2016
Ken Ueno Kota Nakamura Bird Song: Canary Burton and Friends

Canary Burton
  Ken Ueno
Ed è Subito Sera
Kota Nakamura
Sui-hou (ephemeral)
  Canary Burton
November 6, 2020
Agustin Castilla-Avila Francine Trester Alan Fletcher Patricia Julien
  Agustin Castilla-Avila
Francine Trester
Lullaby for Our Time
Alan Fletcher
Lullaby in Three Voices
Patricia Julien
After Many Days Without Rain
Garrett Ian Shatzer Garrett Ian Shatzer Stanley Hoffman James Dalton Garrett Ian Shatzer
David McMullin
Sleeping Light, Spinning World
Vineet Shende
Reva's Lullaby
Stephanie Ann Boyd
James Dalton
A World of Your Own
Garrett Ian Shatzer
Lullaby for D---
Roger Eon Demetrius Spaneas TLReadphoto Thomas Schuttenhelm Barnaby Oliver
Roger Eon
Demetrius Spaneas
A Child Sings at Thanksgiving
Thomas L. Read
The Moon Through the Window Shines Down
Thomas Schuttenhelm
Barnaby Oliver
The Pillow That You Dream On
June 4/Aug. 6, 2021
Scott Scharf Ricardo Ordiozola Boris Rivchun Tim Pence Ian Wiese
Scott Scharf
Ricardo Ordriozola
Boris Rivchun
Russian Lullaby
Tim Pence
The Sleeping Guitar
Ian Wiese
Seeketh Not Its Own
Agustin Castilla-Avila Anthony Green Charles Turner Martin M. Schreiner Frank Warren
Stefanie Lubkowski
Anthony R. Green
Counting Backwards  
Charles Turner
White Potatoes
Martin M. Schreiner
A Lullaby in Restless Times
Frank E. Warren
Canción de Niñez
G.Drozd Francine Trester Jacob Mashak John McDonald Michael Veloso
Gerard Drozd
Le belle addormentate
Francine Trester
Jacob Mashak
Lulubye (2011)
Rest, Madrid (2008)
John McDonald
Michael Veloso
Little Dancer

Premiered & To Be Recorded

  Milad Yousufi Joshua Hahn Nomi Epstein
    Milad Yousufi
Kabuli Lullaby
Joshua Hahn
Nomi Epstein
Stanley Hoffman Wheaton Composers Kathryn Salfelder David Patterson Gregory Bliss
Stanley Hoffman
Naomi's Lullaby
Wheaton College Composers:
Siv Anderson, Gordon Jones, Tim Larson, Montana Rogers
Kathryn Salfelder
Whispering into the night
David Patterson
Counting Sheep (2010)
Lullaby for Ewe (2013)
Gregory Biss
Lullaby (after Schumann)
Hayg Boyadjian Koji Nakano Kincaid Rabb Stepan Rak Chris Hughes
Hayg Boyadjian
Cancion de Cuna
Koji Nakano
Three Lullabies from
the "Spiritual Forest"
Kincaid Rabb
Water Lilies  
Štěpán Rak
Curtis Hughes
John Johnstone Brian Schober Tom Nazziola Ronald Pearl Laurie Spiegel
John Johnstone
Blue Lullaby
Brian Schober
A Winter Lullaby
Tom Nazziola
Ronald Pearl
Berceuse Inquiète
Laurie Spiegel
Thomas L Read Ian Wiese Antonio Celso Ribeiro Dean Rosenthal Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
Thomas L. Read
Tales From A Virtual World
Ian Wiese
Midnight Train
Antonio Celso Ribeiro
Vain Lullaby
Dean Rosenthal
Sewing Piece
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
Lullaby for Justin at 21
Sam Cave Pasquale Tassone Charles Turner    
Sam Cave
...in the soft dark welling...
Pasquale Tassone
Ninna Nanna
Charles Turner
Lullaby for Lahore

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Interviews, Reviews, Articles, & Videos
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Premiere of New Lullaby n. 74 for narrator & guitar by Colin J.P. Homiski, July 2024

Premieres of New Lullabies ns. 72 & 73 by Pasquale Tassone and Charles Turner, Boston, March 2024 - INFO

Late-night New Lullaby Concert at Tufts University, March 2024

Premiere of New Lullaby n. 71 by Sam Cave, Providence College, Sep, 2023 - Listen

Interview with Anthony R. Green by Aaron L-C about 'Counting Backwards', April 2023
Watch it HERE

ALBUM REVIEW: Nights Transfigured, vol. 3 of the New Lullaby Project in Take Effect Rviews, June 2021
"Guitar wizard" - Read it HERE

Grant Award from the Mayor's Office of Arts & Culture: Opportunity Grant - 5 Concerts in the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester
Read about the award and concerts HERE

PUBLICATION REVIEW: Nights Transfigured + Hushed in Soundboard, March 2022
"Composers had a pent up urge to write lullabies. Larget-Caplan should be admired and congratulated"

REVIEW: Drifting in Fanfare Magazine, Nov/Dec 2021
"Marvelous recordings that I enthusiastically recommend to you"

REVIEW: Nights Transfigured in Fanfare Magazine, Nov/Dec 2021
"A truly beguiling hour of music making and marvelous performances of first rate music"

REVIEW: New Lullaby in Music Web International, October 2021

The complete New Lullaby Project catalogue of 3 albums: New Lullaby, Nights Transfigured, and Drifting is now issued by the UK label Stone Records, and streaming world wide, August 6, 2021

REVIEW: 'Nights Transfigured' in American Record Guide, July/August 2021
"Music Requires Deep Listening"

Anthology 'NIGHTS TRANSFIGURED' wins 3 Revere Awards from the Music Publishers Association of the United States (MPA)
1st place - Guitar Music• 2nd place Book Design, June 2021

New Anthology 'HUSHED', volume 2, featuring sixteen 21st century compositions in the genre of the lullaby.
Published by the American Composers Alliance and ALC Music Publishing, 56 pages• ACABANDCAMP • June 14, 2021

Aaron is featured on Conducting Conversations with Mike Maino • June 6, 2021
Features music from Nights Transfigured & Drifting • Listen Now

New Album 'DRIFTING', vol. 3 featuring 15 New Lullabies from composers in 5 countries (Stone Records), June 4, 2021
Listen and buy CDs and Downloads on Bandamp • Streaming worldwide on August 6, 2021

Review of NIGHTS TRANSFIGURED in The WholeNote (Canada), May 2021
"a fascinating collection of exquisite contemporary miniatures"

Lecture-Recital and Performances - 21st Century Guitar Conference, March 24, 2021

Stone Records has agreed to release the complete New Lullaby Project catalogue! Look for it on August 6, 2021

Premiere of New Lullabies by Stepan Rak, Curtis Hughes, March 17 & 21, 2021

New Lullaby Project essay in NeuGuitars by Andrea Aguzzi (Italian/English), Feb. 8 2021

'Nights Transfigured' Album Review in This is Classical Guitar (Canada), Jan. 29, 2021

NEW ANTHOLOGY 'Nights Transfigured', volume 1, Jan. 1, 2021
15 Scores published by the American Composers Alliance (PDF) Press releasePurchase Autographed Copy

New Lullabies featured on Podcast Conducting Conversations with Mike Maino, Nov. 22, 2020

NEW ALBUM!! 'Nights Transfigured', vol. 2 of the New Lullaby Project, Nov. 6, 2020
14 New Solos for guitar • Listen, Download & Reserve CDs at BANDCAMP

Seeking Out Lullabies, Article in the Dorchester Reporter,  October 22, 2020

Who's Afraid of a Lullaby?! concerts with the Boston New Music Festival.
The concerts celebrate the forthcoming issue of Nights Transfigured the album and anthology of scores.
Premieres by Anthony R. Green & Kincaid Rabb.
Nov. 10 at 8pm EST & Nov. 15 at 1pm EST• Zoom

'Night Transfigured' online concerts with visual artist Laura Sofia Pérez through Groupmuse,
Premieres #'s 58 & 59 by Stefanie Lubkowski & Francine Trester, 2pm & 8pm on May 2020

New Lullabies at the Banff Centre for Creativity 'Oscillating Dream Space' w/artists Laura Sofia Pérez
and Jasmin Yeh, January 2020
FB Photo Album

New Lullaby Project premiers #53 & #54 at the International Festival of Arts & Ideas Festival, June 2018

Late-Night Night Songs concert at Salem State University, Feb. 5, 2018

New Lullaby premiere #52 by Stanley Hoffman in Jamaica Plain, MA, April 26, 2017

Night Songs at the Coast Theater, Cannon Beach, Oregon, March 26, 2017

New Lullabies #50 & #51 in an all-ages program at the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston (ICA), Feb. 17, 2017

New Lullaby Project premiers in the Coast Weekend, February 2015

New Lullabies by Ken Ueno & Kota Nakamura to be released on Stone Records, UK, May 2015

New Lullabies #'s 45 & 46 to be premiered in February & March 2015

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(24 Videos) - Feb. 2015

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New Lullaby Project Celebrates 7 Years!!
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The New Lullaby Project is on Facebook - join the FB group, 2012

Article in the Dorchester Reporter, Nov. 23, 2011

The Front Row on Houston Pubilc Radio w/ host Bob Stevenson, Oct. 2011 (interview & music)

Classical Guitar Magazine (UK) – CD Review, Feb. 2011 by Steve Marsh
Ideal late-night listening – recommended.”

Fanfare Magazine - Feature Review Jan/Feb 2011 Issue by Barnaby Rayfield
This is not some godawful Classics-for-Baby CD, something new has been attempted here…

Fanfare Magazine - Feature Review Jan/Feb 2011 Issue by Jeremy Marchant
Aaron Larget-Caplan's playing catches every nuance of the music.

Upon Listening - The Triangle from Mu Phi Epsilon Fall 2010 by Sherry Kloss

Audiophile 4/5 stars & Spirit of Change, Sep., Oct. 2010 New Lullaby CD review by Jason Serinus
4 out 5 Stars

El Show de Fernandito, August 13, 2010 (Video interview)

El Show de Fernandito, August 13, 2010 (My Darling's Slumber by Francine Trester - VIDEO)

College Music Society, March 2009, (Lullaby for Sam by Nolan Stolz - VIDEO)

Boston Globe, April 30, 2009 (featuring audio of lulalbies by Jonathan Feist, Francine Trester)

Harvard Post, April 28, 2009 (featuring Jonathan Feist and Aaron L-C)

Why a Lullaby?

In 2006 I released my debut album, Tracing a wheel on water, on which I recorded an Afro-Cuban lullaby arranged by Leo Brouwer (Cancion de cuna). Whether hearing it in a live concert or from the Tracing CD, people always spoke about how the lullaby "got 'em", even though there was much more 'difficult' music being played. I asked myself why this simple piece of music could grab so much attention? The other works were also highly praised, but none got as much public reaction as the lullaby. Was it the simplicity or beauty of that particular melody or did people just need a rest? Many people suggested an album of lullabies with a focus on famous ones arranged for guitar, but that had been done and the idea did not intrigue me. Around this time, I played an arrangement of George Gershwin's Summertime by Toru Takemitsu and my questions were answered: Bring the two worlds together! Being passionate for contemporary music, I began asking living composers to write brief new compositions for solo guitar in the genre of a lullaby. And with that, the New Lullaby Project created, and the next day I practiced.
Aaron Larget-Caplan

From New Lullaby CD Liner Notes:
There are two basic types of lullabies: one gives the listeners warmth and protection, while the second tends to be darker with hints of fear. The former calls for good dreams to the wary soul, and lets him know that he will awake safely in a better tomorrow. The latter lives on the idea that night and even sleep can be dangerous. Maybe this comes from the folk tradition of tempering our demons by singing to them, voicing our fears that are greater than our worldly matters, or the simple truth that one can catch a cold if one's feet are not fully covered while sleeping.

Who's afraid of a Lullaby?!

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