Projects to Support

John. Cage. Guitar. Album coverArtists for hundreds of years sought mécènes (patrons) through royalty, church, and community members. Mozart is known for finding benefactors for a concerto and then writing the music. Stravinsky famously rented Carnegie Hall for two concerts, which cost the low figure of 25K at the time (100K+ now). As the music industry continues to change, I am inviting people of all-walks-of-life to be a part of my music world. See the listing on the right for how.

Favorite Composer(s)?
Commission a piece for guitar (solo or more) that Aaron will perform and record. Sonatas, guitar+electronics, fantasies, preludes. Does not need to be a lullaby. Recommendations upon request.

Albums & Scores for radios, libraries, and schools!
For every two CDs or scores purchased for a radio, library, or school, Aaron will donate a third, and send a free download to those financially effected by Covid.

Upcoming recording project, studio time, equipment, engineering, mixing/mastering, graphics, advertising. Upcoming projects include: Volumes 3 & 4 of the New Lullaby Project, John Cage, J.S. Bach, a Spanish album, and more.

Commission a personalized video to a loved one, a Valentine's or birthday gift, or want a favorite piece available on YouTube.

Assist a young person with the cost of lessons.

Concert Hall Debuts
Be a part of future concerts around the world when Covid passes. The cost of a debut Carnegie Hall concert is over $10K, but the concert could be where you wish!

Dedication of Arrangements
Add your name or the name of another on one of the over 35 works arranged by Aaron. Dedication will be included on future publications, videos, and recordings. Composers include Isaac Albéniz, J.S. Bach, John Cage, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Reynaldo Hahn, Allan Hovhaness, and Joaquín Rodrigo and Franz Schubert. Each dedication come with a digital & physical score as well as a future recording delivered to you.

Custom score dedication