Cathar Yoga & Healing

Cathar Yoga & Healing brings together multiple healing disciplines: Shiatsu, Hatha yoga, acupressure, reflexology, and Craniosacral, as well as East Asian philosophies and approaches.

Catherine heals chronic pain, physical injuries, recovery form post-surgery, as well as improvements in daily health. Sessions incorporates Shiatsu, diet, discussion, and exercises to re-align the body. No yoga experience is required.

Created by Catherine as an alternative & complimentary healing practice for those who have no choice but to get better. Sessions are at least 2hrs in length and can be substantially more.

Shiatsu & Esoteric Healing

Shiatsu is a pressure-point technique developed in Japan. Fingers, hands, & even bare-foot pressure is applied to specific points on the body to stimulate "meridians" (pathways through which life energy chi flows).
Each treatment starts with a Hara Diagnosis (the internal center of gravity) & Hara Treatment. The the chi is re-directed & stimulated . Treatments includes spinal, muscle, & ligament realignment. The speed of healing depends on the severity and age of the injury(ies). All sessions are done traditionally on a futon on the floor (no tables).

Some Disorders Addressed

• Shoulder, hip, knee, & foot dislocation &/or separations
• Chronic & general degenerative conditions
• Old injuries
• Muscle-skeletal
• Sprained ankles
• Pelvis distortions
• Spinal distortions such as spinal collapse & scoliosis
• Digestive
• Circulatory dysfunction
• Breathing & lung
• Assimilation & elimination
• General pain & discomforts

Methods Used

• Comprehensive biochemical, nutritional, energetic, & mental treatment, education & support
• Joint resettlement & relocation
• Muscle reshaping
• Reordering of the Chi flow
• Revitalizing internal organs
• Sourcing & eradicating of emotional stagnations
• Spiritual & philosophical life discussion