To promote health and wealth, and end individual suffering and frustration by teaching physical, emotional and spiritual disciplines, correcting traumasand injuries brigning enlightenment and new hopes forward. To promote and enhance a traditional and sustainable lifestyle while making it available to all who desire it and make it possible. To bring awareness about the ability and the confirmed results of these alternative approaches. To bring consciousness to these healing measures. To create the great poise and great joy within so that we, as great strong people, can be great citizens of this planet Earth.

Catherine Larget-Caplan

Catherine is a certified Shiatsu practitioner with over 26 years of experience. She has healed injuries large and small, as well as prevented numerous surgeries. Catherine's alternative and holistic education began at age 15 upon commencing Macrobiotic and far eastern philosophies in her native France.

Throughout her childhood, Catherine was plagued with recurring injuries, breathing problems, other body related issues. At age 21 she could not run anymore, and after going to numerous alternative and western doctors she decided to take control of her healing and life. Upon studying Hatha yoga with Dassa Openheimer, a first generation student of Iyengar, teaching classes for Dassa as well as co-teaching with Iyengar at Harvard University, while attending weekly accupuncture and shiatsu treatments. Even with all of this and her organic diet since age 22 she found that she needed even more to become truly healthy and to find her potential, again.

In 1988, Catherine began incorporating the Ma-Roller with her general Hatha yoga exercises, and she found exercises that corrected and stabilized her for the first time. Over the next 18 years she refined her exercises while corrected and rejuvenated herself completely. Including fixing a leg that was shorter than the other and much more.

In 2001 she married classical musician Aaron Larget-Caplan, who discovered Catherine due to a after an old shoulder injury nearly forced him to quit. Catherine fixed it. In 2007 Catherine was serverly injured in an accident and though she is not fully recovered, she has succesfully healed a frozen shoulder, a rotatorcuff injury, nerve damage, compression fractures and broken wrists.

She currently teaches and works in Boston, Massachusetts where she sees clients from throughout the United States. She is currently engulfing herself in her developing her garden, feng-shui, and applying her extensive knowledge to beautifying our world. She is in the process of filming the first of many DVD's for Cathar Yoga, and writing about her discoveries in the powers of traditional philosophies and the ancient wisdom of East and West.

• To bring health and wealth
• To bring again the Garden of Eden on Earth