To promote health and wealth, and end individual suffering and frustration by teaching physical, emotional and spiritual disciplines, correcting traumas and injuries brigning enlightenment and new hopes. To promote and enhance a sustainable lifestyle while making it available to all who desire it. To bring awareness about the ability and the confirmed results of these alternative approaches. To bring consciousness to these healing measures. To create the great poise and great joy within so that we, as great strong people, can be great citizens of this planet Earth.

Catherine Larget-Caplan

Catherine has 45 years of experience practicing yoga and 33 years as a certified Shiatsu practitioner. She has healed injuries large and small, as well as prevented numerous surgeries. Her alternative and holistic education began at age 15 studying far eastern philosophies in her native France.

Like many healers she came to the healing arts to heal her own discomforts and did so using the techniques she learned and created through her own interpretation. She studied with first generation Iyengar student Dassa Openheimer where she quickly started substituting when Dassa traveled, and Catherine was a co-teacher at Harvard University during Iyengar’s Yoga Convention.

In 1988, Catherine began incorporating simple tools into her general yoga exercises, and she found they corrected her for the first time. Over the years she has refined her exercises and made them available to the public. She currently teaches and works in Boston, Massachusetts where she sees clients from throughout the United States.