Over the last 35 years I have studied Eastern-healing practices & spent 30 years practicing & applying my studies with my clients & myself.
As a child, I had "chronic" injuries that doctors, chiropractors, alternative medicinal professionals could not address or alleviate. With my knowledge & experience of the body workings, life principles of balance (yin-yang), diet, correct physical manipulation, exercises, patience, & finally, hope, faith & courage I have succeeded in bringing my body into a state of great health. With energy, strength & flexibility, I now am able to handle the world with a clear head & confidence.
Injuries are physical, mental, & emotional, & I have yet had a case where there is not improvement to complete rejuvenation, but I can only go as far as the client wishes - it is your life.
If you are ready to be radically honest & willing - time & desire heals all.
I wish you a good journey.

-Catherine Larget-Caplan
Founder Cathar Yoga & Healing

Cathar Yoga

A personal & interactive cathartic discipline that awakens the body to its original purpose. Cathar yoga utilizes the Ma-Roller & is a yoga of humility bringing us to our most basic levels so we can improve from the foundation. Only from here can we be truly educated in our body's workings & needs. We begin by re-learning how to stand, sit, kneel, & lie down. From a place of alignment & knowledge we incorporate the poses taught for centuries in the Far East. The body transforms from a disaster to an aster, a star, enhancing all aspects of your life, all realms of your being. Created by Catherine as an alternative & complimentary healing practice for those who have no choice but to get better. Cathar Yoga moves beyond just lying on the Ma.

The Ma Roller

Created in the 1970's by Ramana, an acupuncturist, the MA Roller is a piece of wood about the size of a rolling pin. Originally created solely for lying upon, it has a larger diameter in areas that line with the muscles along the spine and a small diameter where the spine goes. We use multiple Mas' in many ways.

Shiatsu & Esoteric Healing

Shiatsu is a pressure-point technique developed in Japan. Fingers, hands, & even bare-foot pressure is applied to specific points on the body to stimulate "meridians" (pathways through which life energy (chi) flows).
Each treatment starts with a Hara Diagnosis (the internal center of gravity) & Hara Treatment. The the chi is re-directed & stimulated so that the intelligence of the body can take over the healing process. Treatments includes spinal, muscle, & ligament realignment through finger surgery. This is necessary to eradicate & dislodge the embedded traumas & injuries.
As I am using my hands as opposed to needles or other tools, I am able to move when & where the client's body tells me to; sometimes I am in one place for 20 seconds or 2 hours.

Finger Surgey*

Finger surgery is about further separating & restructuring the space within the body, since Shiatsu is only about treating the pressure points. Using fingers, the muscles, ligaments, & bones area separated so that they may return to their original shape, reintegrate with the body, & resume their proper functions. This is one of the primary factors for rebuilding the chi flow of the body in a more permanent fashion.

Some Illnesses Addressed*

• Chronic & general degenerative conditions
• Old injuries & traumas
• Muscle-skeletal problems
• Sprained ankles
• Pelvis distortions
• Spinal distortions such as spinal collapse & scoliosis
• Digestive disorders
• Circulatory dysfunction
• Breathing & lung disorders
• Assimilation & elimination disorders
• Shoulder, hip, knee, & foot dislocation &/or separations
• Unknown & unnamed challenges are also accepted
• General pain & discomforts

Methods Used*

• Comprehensive biochemical, nutritional, energetic, & mental treatment, education & support
• Biofeedback
• Finger Surgery
• Joint resettlement & relocation
• Muscle reshaping
• Reordering of the Chi flow
• Revitalizing of internal organs
• Sourcing & eradicating of emotional stagnations
• Character evolution
• Traditional lifestyle counseling
• Spiritual & philosophical life counseling
• Cathar Yoga
*not yet approved by the FDA