Catherine is simply the best! In a short amount of time, she was able to help me reach a higher level of healing, comfort, and functionality (I had foot surgery and physical therapy but was still experiencing significant pain and lack of mobility). Catherine has excellent knowledge of the human body, an intuitive sense of "the source of pain," and a wealth of home exercises that are effective. I will not hesitate to work with her again in the future! She is a talented healer and a wonderful human-being. – Carin Taylor

My name is Antonio Longhi, a retired teacher of Art and a singer/songwriter, from England. My wife, Denise, and I stayed with Catherine and her husband Aaron, in September 2019. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis over 20 years ago. I have used acupuncture for many years. Catherine had observed that my posture was probably causing me more problems and she suggested Cathar Yoga may alleviate unnecessary pain. Her ‘hands on’ approach using Shiatsu techniques combined with elements of yoga, left me with no doubts as to her ability to ‘heal’. The treatment was at times ‘vigorous’ and at other times ‘calming’. In such a short period the benefits were evident. My posture was definitely more upright and the pain I was experiencing was dissipated. I have continued with some of the exercises, Catherine had taught me, in such a short period of time, since returning back to England. Without reservation, I implore anyone with an openminded approach to life, to explore the methods of a holistic healing, that Catherine offers.

My name is Ricky Berger. I am an attorney, educator, and musician. I am also a martial artist striving to finally achieve my black belt in Aikido. At the time of this writing, I am about to turn 60. I came to Catherine because arthritis in my large toes was making it very hard for me to practice seated martial arts techniques which are necessary for my testing for rank. I was also suffering lower back pain, lingering discomfort from a shoulder separation, and both of my wrists were in pain from my activities and age. Although I was only with Catherine for a short time, she helped me immensely. Catherine's "hands-on" work was very innovative and she successfully began me on a path of recovery of my specific issues, and generally for my overall health and well-being as well. Catherine's style of practice includes what may be referred to as sports and/or personal life counseling on subjects ranging from diet to exercise to meditation. I have never experienced any yoga or massage therapy like what Catherine offers. Catherine is very unique; She is worth her weight in gold.

"Dearest Catherine,
In the month since I’ve stayed with you as a last-minute Airbnb guest, I’ve thought of you often, and have felt such gratitude for our chance meeting, your kind hospitality and the healing session we had together. I’ve reflected on how special and rare it is to have sanctuaries like yours, abundant with life, nourishment, vitality, creativity, music, and community. Read more

I think so many people are grasping and yearning for these qualities and feel ill-equipped to create those circumstances for themselves. It becomes so much easier and within reach to experience and see an example of this alchemy in the wild, which is what you’ve created. I’m so compelled by the wisdom you have to offer and am eager to devote time to learning more."

"Catherine Larget Caplan, to my mind, is a deeply knowledgeable, intuitive and gifted healer. She was able to pinpoint and analyze the imbalances in my body immediately. Recovering from a badly sprained foot, serious injuries, and mindful of my scoliosis/ back issues, she was also able to address the origin of digestive issues and debilitating random stomach pain, as well. In three intense sessions, three hours each, with extremely strong hands and fingers she was able to begin the long process of detangling knots, returning muscles and spine to their proper position. Read More

She has restored my sense of health and well being which had been severely compromised in the past few months. There is much more to be done and much more for me to learn from her, once I can afford to resume treatments, but the framework of health which she has helped me establish is now stable. I have always taken my health seriously, with a good intuitive sense of my health needs, maintain a very healthy lacto-Ovo vegetarian diet, keep very active physically, take private Pilates classes, swim, walk and bike and am an active professional musician. I am considered in excellent health and have high energy, generally, but have had serious injuries which periodically set me back. Through the help of excellent chiropractic, Pilates, Massage and acupuncture practitioners, I have been able to heal quite quickly. Catherine fuses all these modalities and her great intuitive knowledge of the body, mind and emotions is unsurpassed, in my experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing an honest consultation, and ready to deal with the deepest, most fundamental aspects of health and well being,  through intense and systematic treatments.

- C.S.
Client multple times

"I have been working with Catherine for a year and a half now. I began by having a shiatsu once a month and worked my way up to yoga class and shiatsu once every two weeks. Effects were immediately noticeable in my body as well as in my emotional and psychological well-being. However this work builds momentum and changes have begun happening at exponential rates. My health has returned with such vitality. Read more

I use to have chronic sinus headaches and irritable bowel syndrome. I also had difficulty taking deep breaths. Through shiatsu treatments and the Cathar yoga practice. I rarely get sinus headaches and when I do they are of such a mild nature that I almost do not recognize them as such. I no longer have irritable bowl symptoms; my bowel functions are normal and stable. My body itself has changed dramatically. I used to have slumped shoulders and excessive weight on my thighs. My arms used to be very week and I used to have shin splints. Now my posture is quite good and self-sustaining; I do not have to strain to maintain it. My thighs and hips have completely changed and the excess weight is going away on its own now that my legs and hips are more properly aligned. My back is so much more defined. I used to see people with beautiful, balanced bodies and think that they were just genetically lucky. I did not know that such a body was a matter of proper alignment and chi flow.

Cathar Yoga and all that it entails, brings health of the highest form back into the body. It allows the body to express its highest energetic potential. From doing this work I have more and more energy every day. My mind is clearer and can focus with greater ease. Before beginning my Cathar Yoga practice I had a great deal of confusion in my life. My health problems, particularly digestive and sinus, were creating a great deal of fogginess in my mind. While my work is not yet done, the fog has definitely lifted.

Catherine is the only person I know that understands what health is really about. For most of us, health is the absence of noticeable illness. Because of this definition, I accepted an average level of energy and health. I also rarely associated my emotional and psychological stress with my physical body. The work with Catherine has shown me that they are in fact one in the same. A healthy body, in truth, is so much more than we think. A healthy body is also a healthy psyche and a healthy spirit. Cathar yoga is a practice that brings you to that height of human potential. It is a truly life transforming practice and perhaps the most needed wisdom of our day."

-Margo S.
Client 2-years

"I have a long history of multiple physical problems for over 20 years, even during childhood. Briefly, I grew up on a working farm and played most sports in school, yet I still had major pains in my joints and suffered from migraines. Throughout my life I have seen many specialists, especially so in the last 10 years, which has proven to be excruciatingly difficult just to lead somewhat of a normal life. Read more

In 2003 I had a spinal fusion performed because my L5-S1 disc had completely degenerated. I’m only 35 years-old now. I do not believe in taking prescription medications although they were widely prescribed for me. Along the way there definitely were some healthcare providers that were very helpful and supportive, but I still didn’t feel like I was getting to the root of the problem. I don’t think I would be able to appreciate what Catherine offers had I not gone through all the ‘hoops’ first. After just 3 treatments from Catherine, I was able to walk the streets of New York for hours during a recent trip there. Before that, I wasn’t even able to walk for even a few minutes (massive pain in hips, legs go numb, etc.). I am at the beginning of my journey and am learning so much from Catherine in every area of life. I am realizing how much I suffered emotionally during my childhood as well as through my adult life, and how it has tortured my physical body. For the first time in my life I have hope that I will be better, and that’s not easy for me to say.

So if you are at the end of your rope, and you are ready to invest in yourself, come see Catherine!"

- Christine D.
Client 1-year

"Dear Mrs. Catherine Larget-Caplan and The Music & Life Program:

I write this letter of thanks to you with great appreciation and esteem for your work, especially those surgical hands. I can say that the improvements made in your hands were nothing short of miraculous, and in only two very short visits. I came with problems that seemed acceptable and possibly curable to the medical establishment, yet I realized that the issues went beyond one day and one injury, but were an amassed life time of events. For my injuries and problems, your verbal and physical probing went more deeply and successfully than any blade and your eyes and intuitive hands saw more than any MRI. Read more

After just undergoing a second major surgery on my neck, I was a bit hesitant to trust you and give your expertise a try, but as impossible as it may sound, I left the session being able to do things I did not know I could and had assumed never to be able to do especially without pain:

• Kneel with the tops of my feet on the floor
• Hold a pole in my hands above my head
• Move a full range of motions with my shoulder
• Bend an “arthritic” joint in my hand

Most gratifying is that before you no one could touch my left foot let alone fix the excruciating pain I felt; it was hyper-sensitive to touch for anyone, but you did. It hurt horribly, but you did fix it. And in your very honest and straightforward way you even showed me that, sadly, I had more problems that I thought. It was not always pleasant but it was true.

Your insight into healing, life, psychology, philosophy (east & west), and the workings of the body are clearly evident and applied thoroughly. But what I think is even more potent in this world of fast-food characters is your empathy for your client. You perform, not practice this skill/Art because you want me to be better for me and for my life; you actually care. I have never spent as much time as a doctor or patient with any person of the medical establishment (MD, DMD, etc) and/or healing arts as I did with you: 6 hours in a day!!

As I have said many times to you since, “I wish I had a Catherine in Denver” it is true. Would it mean I would be a perfect client and make all the necessary “life changes” that you talk about, maybe not. But I know that if I truly want to fulfill my life’s mission of healing and mentoring others, than I must start with MYSELF and do what is necessary to make sure I am in full health to live life fully."

Murray C., MD
Client 2-days

" When I first met Catherine Larget-Caplan in the fall of 1998, I had already, at age 25, compiled a rather substantial list of health issues, some chronic, some “mysterious” and some that had come and then gone, either on their own or with assistance. I am a guitarist by profession and counted among my difficulties tissue damage in the hands from improper (as opposed to excessive) usage, which required me to take a 6-month break from playing at age 20. I developed a chronic twisting in the spine, which stemmed from the hand problems, which in turn led to chronic misalignment and pain that showed up all the way down to my knees and feet, and included great difficulty finding any shoes that I could wear, as well as occasional burning sensations from pinched nerves. The distortion in the spine affected some of my organs. Read more

This included erratic heartbeats, and digestive issues including gastritis, constipation and bloating. Additionally I’d experienced at least one episode of prostatitis, and had most of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Prior to my late teens I had always considered myself to be healthy and so this degenerative cycle I found myself in was at first hard to believe, and eventually became quite troubling to say the least. Other signs of trouble included developing allergies-which until my late teens I had never experienced- first to pollen and then to penicillin and later to an array of chemicals including perfumes and cleaning products.

Throughout the period from ages 20-25 I wound up exploring a wide range of health care options as I looked for ways to eliminate the various problems I was experiencing. Initially, I had several visits with doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors. In general the doctors tests showed nothing, and in the case of the prostatitis antibiotics were offered speculatively “in case it was bacterial.” In the case of physical therapy the treatments actually exacerbated the problems I was seeking to heal. In 1998, at age 24, immediately following a trip to South America I experienced a very intense episode of sickness that left my body very weakened and left me having periods of intermittent dizziness and difficulty with my memory for several months afterward along with heightened digestive sensitivity. The three doctors that I saw about this had no answers and one of them actually said to me “doctors don’t always know everything and this is one of those times."

My concern, frustration and lack of results from the mainstream medical world led me to look elsewhere for answers and by the fall of ‘98 when I met Catherine, I had already worked with an array of ‘alternative’ healers from different backgrounds including Feldenkreis Method, Alexander Technique, acupuncture, acupressure, a small amount of yoga, and some martial arts. I had experienced differing degrees of success with these modalities and indeed was able to resume my guitar playing, largely due to the work I did with the Alexander Technique. None of these however was able to correct the twist in the spine, and none of them was able to offer any answers to the symptoms that developed following the South America trip.

It was shortly after that last visit to the doctor, (where he told me he didn’t know what was happening), that Catherine and I met. She came back stage following a flamenco dance performance I playing in, to say hello to group members she knew. As it happened, the lead dancer had twisted his ankle and was in so much pain that he could not touch that foot to the ground. This of course was very troubling and was made worse by the fact that we had just done a matinee and were scheduled to do an evening performance in just two hours. Catherine launched into an intensive healing session that enabled the dancer to get back on the foot and do the next performance! This being flamenco means the whole style revolves around intense and rapid foot stamping.

I was VERY struck by this.

After the second performance, she and I talked for a while and I discussed my interest in healing. She took a quick look at me and was able to describe in surprising detail what I’d been experiencing. This was all the more moving to me as no one else I’d seen, as concerned and skilled as they were, approached the completeness and accuracy of my situation in their diagnosis that she so immediately came to. She seemed to understand what I was going through.

I have worked with Catherine now for over seven years doing both her Cathar (Ma) Yoga and receiving regular hands on (essentially reconstructive) treatments. My healing process has been a lengthy and involved one, as we have encountered core issues some of which have been present from birth. It has meant getting to the bottom of a complex network of interrelated issues, as the health problems I experienced have involved the digestive, nervous, and musculo-skeletal systems, as well as being connected to lifestyle and emotional patterns. It has meant stopping and indeed transforming a multi-system downward health spiral, in the midst of managing to build a successful and demanding career as a performing musician. It has meant regeneration of a body that was falling apart, which is really the hallmark of Catherine’s work. Catherine addresses and heals issues that others don’t even see or believe can never be changed. She has a gift in her ability to see the potential in an unhealthy body and possesses the means to manifest this transformation.

I truly have no idea how I would replace the work Catherine has been able to do. In my searching I have not come across anything comparable to what she has discovered through her own healing process and studies. No one I’ve encountered has approached the depth of insight, ability, and incredible thoroughness in the realm of healing that she exudes. She has an extraordinary commitment to healing, which is manifested among other ways, by her continuously expanding depth and breadth of knowledge from all ends of the healing spectrum and beyond. This is combined with tremendous inner discipline and obvious natural abilities and empathy. Over time it has become clearer and clearer to me that Catherine’s abilities and insight mark her as truly unique and, without doubt, a major contributor to the global consciousness around health and healing. Thanks do not begin to convey my gratitude to Catherine. For me she has truly been a lifesaver and an immense fountain of inspiration and wisdom."

-Jonathan 'Juanito Pascual' Gordon. Boston, 2006
Client for 10-years